No Problem Chicken Thighs – Jerk-style

ChicThigh1One of SWMBO’s and my favorite vacations was a long weekend in Negril, Jamaica. We stayed at a nice little resort (not the one you are thinking of. Get your mind out of the gutter.) where a guy was grilling jerk chicken and pork every day by the pool. He was using half of a 55 gallon barrel with coals burning low. Sweet, hot, delicious rub – no sauce. I snacked on this most lazy afternoons sipping a draft Red Stripe. Almost heaven, but more Bob Marley than John Denver, mon.

ChicThigh2For this quick recipe, I used a prepackaged commercial Jerk Rub. <GASP> (I did do a bit of research to see what might be close to authentic.) I squeezed a bit of lime juice on the meat and applied the rub. An hour later I placed them on the prepared Egg. Heat was 375°F, grate on top of plate setter legs up, 45 minutes. No turning. No peeking. No Problem.

Meat eaters in my house agree: Juicy and delicious. Skin slightly crispy with no burnt edges. This technique will work using any rub or marinade. I’ll do this again soon.


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