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Richmond Senior High School class of ’78 has its 35th class reunion this weekend. Folks are reminiscing on Facebook about growing up in our little Indiana town. One favorite memory is cranking Steve Miller Band and flying like eagles to Clara’s for pizza and crushed-ice-filled Cokes. Back in the late 70’s this place was unique. It had nostalgic items all over the restaurant. Looked like every episode of “Pickers” simultaneously threw up on the ceiling and walls. The crown jewel of the junk gems was a London Double-Decker bus. It was stripped of its seats and outfitted with tables. We would climb on the bus, eat and laugh until close to curfew, leaving just in time to squeeze in a smooch or two before she had to be inside her front door.

A pilgrimage to Clara’s is a must each time we visit. Wouldn’t be a real homecoming without it. The decor and the pizza are just how I remember. Has not changed a bit.

But…they don’t use a Big Green Egg to cook their pizza, so I had to do something different.

Pizza1Trying to keep the number of variables down to a minimum, bought pizza dough, pizza sauce and toppings from the grocery.  Basil from our garden. Good buffalo mozzarella cheese was a must. Tried to keep the mass of toppings low so the top of the crust would bake well.

Set up the egg for indirect cooking with plate setter legs up, grate on top of legs. Baking stone centered on grate, all heating up to 500°F. Pizza was assembled and cooked on Parchment Paper, making it very easy to move it on and off the stone. I checked after five minutes and spun the pizza just in case one side was cooking faster than the other. Total cooking time was 12 minutes for this 12″ pie.

Like teenage memories Clara’s can’t be duplicated. But there are other warm, delicious things in this world. This pizza had a nice crunchy crust and a slightly smoky flavor. I am definitely going to do this again soon!

Pizza2Note to self: Make sure the firebox is full of charcoal before cooking multiple pizzas. Cooking with this high heat uses fuel pretty quickly.


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  1. Oh man, that smells great!!

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