Responsible Chicken

RedRoosterSeems to be a movement toward locally produced, responsibly farmed food. Smaller producers of vegetables and meats are offering great options for families. Sure is nice to visit where my food is grown, shake the hands of the family that grows it, call them by their first names.

Andreas Homestead produces excellent local, pasture raised poultry. Their chicken is often on my table and eggs are nearly always in the fridge. It’s great to know these birds have traveled only seven miles from the Andreas’ pastures to my kitchen. Last Thanksgiving we oven roasted an Andreas Homestead turkey, traditional-style. Best ever.

As an aside, they also grow a few vegetables. Last year Mike and Lynn grew peppers. Hot Kung Pao Pepper sauce was fantastic!

So, tonight it was Beer Can Chicken – sort of.

SP’s Basic Chicken Rub:
2 parts Garlic Salt
1 part Celery Salt
3 parts Onion Powder
3 parts Black Pepper
2 parts Paprika
1 part Ground Sage

Felt like drinking my beer rather than steaming the inside of a chicken with it, so…

SP’s Chicken Liquid:
6 oz Apple Juice
2 oz Cider Vinegar
1 teaspoon SP’s Basic Chicken Rub
2 squirts Franks RedHot Sauce

Liberally applied the rub to the whole chicken, inside and out. Set it on the beer-can-chicken-cooking-apparatus. Let it rest a half hour to come up to room temperature. Set up the egg for indirect heat, plate setter legs up, 325°F. Placed the temperature probe deep in the breast and placed it into the egg. This was a smaller hen, 4.5 pounds. Total cooking time was 120 minutes. This allows for a very crisp skin and extremely juicy meat.

Responsibly grown ingredients, simple preparation. This one can’t miss. Let me know how yours turns out!

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  1. Kevin Wilkerson

    Next time try it without the plate setter for crispy skin;) I’ve sometimes wondered if beer can chicken wasn’t some type of alcohol abuse. Your rub and juice look great!

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