Midtown Inside-out Burgers

The Parrish Family visited New York City last week. Went to a grab a sandwich just north of Times Square at Lindy’s Deli. My son ordered a cheeseburger and said it was the best he had ever tasted. Hmmm. Sounds like a challenge to me. We’ll see if this displaced Hoosier can create a Better-Than-the-Big-Apple sammich. What was served on his plate was conventional. This recipe is a little different.

StuffBurgSauteeFor four burgers, got two pounds of 80/20 Ground Chuck. Seasoned with plain ol’ salt and pepper and divided into eight patties. Made them thin. Burgers tend to shrink up while grilling. A large-diameter patty works best.

Chopped 8 bacon slices and sautéed in a pan until crisp, then diced and stirred in ½ of a medium-sized onion until transparent and soft. Draining on paper towels helped pull off some of the bacon grease.

StuffBurgFillingPut a layer of sliced Cheddar Cheese on one of the patties followed by a tablespoon or so of the bacon bit/onion mixture. Second patty goes on top, then pinched the edges to seal up the burger. No salt is really needed in the middle of this burger. The bacon and cheese take care of that.

With the Big Green Egg set up for direct cooking and temp stable at 400°F, sprinkled with a little SP’s Basic Beef Rub (below), cooked eight minutes, flipped, sprinkled some rub and closed up the egg for another eight. Toasted the buns for one minute. Dressed mine with yellow mustard and a little lettuce.

StuffBurgFiniSon says this is “Right up there with the New York burger.” They did disappear pretty quick!

These were easier than I imagined to assemble and cook. We’ll be doing another batch real soon.

SP’s Basic Beef Rub
3 parts Garlic Salt
3 parts Onion Powder
3 parts Black Pepper
2 parts Paprika
1 part Dry Mustard
Dash of Cayenne Pepper

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