Yummy Ribs

Ribs. To be a respectable grill-tender you must have the ability to make mouth-watering ribs. I had little success in the past producing a decent rack. Either too dry or too mushy – every time.

There are several methods listed on grill sites. Two or three seem to get a lot of attention. Of these, the 3-2-1 method is probably the most famous. After reading a bunch and scratching my head a bit I settled on a simpler method. After all, the egg is supposed to help the meat stay juicy, right? No need to steam them in foil, possibly ruining the bark.

Found two racks of St. Louis cut ribs at the local market. Removed the membrane from the bone side and coated all sides with the rub. Into the chill chest for an overnight rest.

ribsfiniAdded a couple handfuls of soaked hickory chips on the coals, then set up for indirect cooking, plate setter legs up with a drip pan under the meat. Poured a bit of apple juice in the bottom of the drip pan just to keep the drippings from burning. Set the slabs meat side up on the grate and closed the lid. Regulated the temperature at 225°F.

After five hours it was time to coat the ribs with sauce and close up the egg for an hour to set the glaze. Yup, total time of 6 hours was about right for these. Served it with a bowl of sauce in case anyone wanted to dip a rib, Creamy Cole Slaw and thick-sliced herbed garlic  toast.

SP’s Memphis Rib Rub
4 parts firmly packed dark Brown Sugar
4 parts white Sugar
3 parts Paprika
1 part Celery Salt
2 parts Garlic Salt
2 parts Onion Powder
2 parts Ground Black Pepper
1 part Dry Mustard
1 part Cumin
a pinch or two of Ground Marjoram

Rib Sauce
1 bottle of your favorite commercial sauce
1 heaping Tablespoon of the rub you used for the meat
I also added a bit of Cayenne Pepper and a few shakes of Frank’s Red Hot Sauce just to heat it up a bit.

Were they mouth-watering? Not the best I have ever tasted, but certainly the best from my grill. Meat was tender and juicy with a pretty pink smoke ring. The glaze was just right, for sure. Sticky sweet with a touch of heat. Delicious. Next time there may be a little less sugar and more bite in the rub. Maybe add a texas crutch to the method, after all.

On the right track here, for sure. One or two more tries and I think I’ll have the hang of it.

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  1. Kevin Wilkerson

    Ha! Shoulda done 3-2-1! Jk, boy. They were prolly better than you’re sayin.

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