Half Moon Brats

TeamBGEThe BGE folks showed up in the parking lot at one of the local dealers. Saw a few Eggcessories that might be handy. Even brought one home. The Mezza Luna (or half-moon for you English speakers) is designed for cooking with both direct and indirect heat at the same time. Kind of like half a pizza stone. Brilliant! It’s back here at the house. Time to figure out how to use it.

Friends, this one was simple. Filled a tin-foil loaf pan half-way with beer, then threw in chunks of onion and a few Bratwursts. Don’t be afraid of using cheap beer for cooking. Hand crafted beer must go directly across the palate straight to the belly. That should be State Law, if it isn’t already.

In another tin-foil vessel threw together thin-sliced red potatoes, onion, red pepper and a chopped garlic clove with a tablespoon or so of olive oil, then seasoned with salt, pepper, and a sprinkle of oregano.

BratOnGrillPrepared the egg for grilling with direct heat. Placed the half moon stone directly on the grate. Stabilized at 350°F. Both of the foil pans were placed onto the Mezza Luna stone. Left this alone for a good bit, just turned the potatoes once in a while. When hunger demanded action, moved the soaking sausages from the pan onto the grate over direct heat. The idea was to crisp-up the skin and get some pretty grill marks on the meat. Since the sausages were already at temperature, this did not take long at all – maybe three minutes per side.

I can see this working for a back yard drop-in where folks are not all eating at the same time. Brats can soak all afternoon if need be, then crisp up quickly on demand. With some of that hand-crafted brew mentioned earlier this is bound to please the crowds. Yeah, we’ll add this to the list of party recipes!

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