History Wings True?

WingsBuffalo Wings. Seems there are several legends about the origin. A couple of themes are common, though: making good use of a less popular, less expensive cut of meat (recurring theme in barbecue lore), and using what was available to feed unexpected appetites (oft found in all kinds of food stories).

This recipe is popular for minor celebrations or casual weekends, any occasion where messy hands and faces aren’t an issue. Relatively few ingredients and short preparation time makes this perfect fare after an afternoon event.

Several cooking methods are found in the hundreds of published recipes. They range from deep frying to more complex processes such as steaming then baking the wings. My favorite? Rubbing, grilling, then tossing them in luscious butter/pepper sauce.

SP’s Wing Rub:
2 parts Garlic Salt
1 part Celery Salt
3 parts Onion Powder
3 parts Black Pepper
1 part Smoked Paprika
½ part Dried Mustard Powder
½ part Ground Sage
a sprinkle of Chipotle Pepper

SP’s Nickel Buffalo Sauce: for about 12 full wings (24 pieces)
2 Cloves Garlic, minced, small as you can
6 Tablespoons Butter
¼ cup Frank’s Red Hot Sauce
1 Tablespoon Sriracha sauce
Melted the butter, tossed in the garlic, stirred in the pepper sauces. For those who prefer it hotter, you can add cayenne powder or diced habanero.

Sprinkled a good bit of the rub on the wings. Prepared Egg for direct cooking at 350°F. 20 minutes per side, then opened up the vents, low and high, to get the fire cranking. Kept careful watch, moving and flipping the winds as necessary to get the skin nice and crisp – about 5 minutes per side. Tossed in a bowl with the sauce, served right away with celery stalks, blue cheese and ranch dressing, and plenty of napkins. These wings always pair well with beer, red wine, or whatever might be handy.

Regardless of which history is accurate, the real story here is that delicious fare can be prepared quickly, inexpensively and with a minimum of fuss. Definitely a keeper.




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  1. Gonna do this tomorrow. Can’t wait!

    • Thanks for sending the pics via text message. Looks like another stellar meal served at the Back Porch Cafe.

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