Memorial Day Hot Dogs

This post is not really about the Egg, cooking or food. People of all but the most oppressive cultures enjoy outdoor social gatherings, food, fellowship regardless of the politics of their land. They enjoy family, friends.

In some lands folks cannot gather to worship, cannot come together to voice or publish views critical of their governments. (Imagine if Green Day was actually день растительной диеты and produced “Soviet Idiot”…they would be in Putin’s pokey along with that P****Riot feminist band.) 

This is a weekend to honor those who put their lives on the line allowing us the luxury of these freedoms. Remembering specifically those in my family who have or are contributing as part of the US Military, Brother-in-Law Kerry is a seasoned military musician, currently serving in the U.S. Army Chorus. My brother Kirk and step-brother Bryan both served in the Navy.

ChrisMarine2One member of our family, nephew Chris, will forever have my respect and gratitude. As a Marine he served driving supplies between U.S. bases in Iraq. This is during the time so many were lost to IEDs in the roadways. As a National Guardsman he completed two additional tours to the Middle East: Afghanistan tasked with security detail, then Kuwait where he traveled to other countries as needed. We are blessed to have him home safely.

On Memorial Day it is wonderful to gather with family, enjoy fellowship and outdoor feasts, as folks all over the world often do. We celebrated with simple traditional Memorial Day fare. Fired up our egg, put on the hot dogs, rolled them around to avoid burned spots, slapped them in buns and dressed them up with whatever was handy in the fridge – Mustard, onion, relish.

Different this day is what we reflect on as we gather. Giving thanks for the freedoms we enjoy, for safe homecomings. Asking comfort for families who have stories with a different, more tragic ending. Offering words, hearty handshakes and hugs for those close to us who contributed and sacrificed.

Thank you, Chris and all veterans from the bottom of my heart.


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  1. Very nicely said, Scott. And “Thanks” to you, too!

  2. Thanks, Kevin. And it was an honor.

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