ABT: Appetizer be Tasty?

Atomic Buffalo Turds, or A.B.Ts. Very popular appetizer amongst the Green Egg community. The name makes you wonder what the ingredients might be, though.

A.B.Ts are a twist on Jalapeño Poppers. Pretty simple concept but some assembly was required. For 12 pieces:
ABT11) Cut the stems off of six Jalapeño Peppers and cut them in half length-wise. Removed the seeds and ribs.

2) Spooned a bit of chopped ham in each pepper half.

3) Spread cream cheese over the ham. Made it easier by softening the cream cheese in the microwave for 15 seconds.

4) Wrapped ’em up like a cozy bacon cocoon.

That’s it for assembly. Folks also report using pulled pork or cooked ground sausage rather than the ham. Probably tasty whichever pork stuffing you choose.

Cooked with indirect heat at 400°F for 45 minutes. You can go a little longer if you want to get the bacon super crispy.

ABT2The peppers were not spicy after the long hot bath in bacon drippings. Might be tempted to sprinkle these with Jerk Seasoning next time to get a little more heat in them. These were salty, rich and matched well with Pale Brüe Eyes Pale Ale from Brüeprint Brewery near the homestead.

Funny name, but rest assured these are turd-free. Even though there is some effort in the preparation, these will be in constant rotation here at the homestead, for sure.

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