Luscious Lamb Chops

Lamb4Lamb chops seem to be a special occasion dish here in the USA. There are other parts of the world where folk eat lamb as often as beef, places like Kuwait and New Zealand. In the winter once in a while lamb shanks get braised here at the homestead. Rack of lamb rarely occurs. Today they looked invitingly scrumptious at the meat counter. Couldn’t resist.

Found these already Frenched. No, not tongue kissed. Butcher prepared with meat and fat removed from the bones. The rack was eight bones wide, so cut in half to make two 4-bone sections. Salted and peppered them up and crossed the bones to make a tent-like structure. Covered just the bones with foil to make sure they wouldn’t burn on the egg.

Lamb5Prepared the egg for indirect heat at 450°F. Cooked exactly 25 minutes for medium rare. If you like yours more rare, set the timer for 20 minutes. Sliced them into individual single-boned chops and served straight away. Easy peasy.

Served this with Carolina Gold rice and sugar snap peas. Mercy. Why don’t we have lamb more often?


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