Responsible Chicken

Seems to be a movement toward locally produced, responsibly farmed food. Smaller producers of vegetables and meats are offering great options for families. Sure is nice to visit where my food is grown, shake the hands of the family that grows it, call them by their first names. Andreas Homestead … Read More >>

Reunion Pizza

Richmond Senior High School class of ’78 has its 35th class reunion this weekend. Folks are reminiscing on Facebook about growing up in our little Indiana town. One favorite memory is cranking Steve Miller Band and flying like eagles to Clara’s for pizza and crushed-ice-filled Cokes. Back in the late … Read More >>

Mountain Magic

You have heard of the five Mother Sauces essential to Classical Cuisine. Well, this is the Mother Rub. I learned this from a restaurant owner in Charlotte, NC several years ago. He used it on everything from Elk Burgers with Black Truffles to Grilled Salmon. The guy never altered this … Read More >>